Step-1: Mindset, Focus, Belief System and Attitude

Today’s job seekers need more than a brilliant brag sheet and clever cover letter to land a job they’ll love. Only dogged determination, positive thinking and smart strategies will take you where want to go in today’s job market. Now’s the time to be tenacious.

How Your Attitude Defines Your Job Search

Keeping an upbeat attitude (despite the occasional pity party) is critical to your success. Positive attracts positive. Negative simply repels everything it comes into contact.Your attitude soaks into everything you do – how you talk, how you walk, how you look someone in the eye, how you respond, how you engage.Your attitude, truly, is everything. It defines you and your job search.So, pick up the pieces, and keep going, and don’t become that grouchy old neighbor who ended up being all alone.

How Your Belief affects Your Job Search

Belief: I’m not good enough. (Low Confidence)
Reframing: I’m as good as I say I am. 
People who have been on a very long and fruitless job search can fall into a vicious circle of withering self-esteem, helplessness and depression.
 “Long-term unemployment in particular can bring up whatever negative self-beliefs were already going on under the surface,”

Belief: It’s a terrible job market.
Reframing: People are still being hired, so why not me? 
True, the unemployment rate and long-term jobless statistics are still ugly. But some fields and jobs are going begging for qualified applicants. It’s not a bad job market, but it is a shifting job market.

If you are confident with your decision and focused on your Target then Next Step is to prepare Resume as per Market Standards.
Here is the link to proceed for Step-2 (Resume Improvement and Review).