Step-2: Standards for CV Review and Sample Resume

UAE / Navafiz Standards for CV Review  

1. Profession (position you are looking for) must be shown on Top of your CV.   
2. Availability/Visa Status shall be shown on Top of your CV.   
3. Contact Details (Email, mobile) shall be on Top of your CV.   
4. Candidate photo must be appropriate.
5. Skill summary shall be shown for quick review of capabilities.   
6. All Employment Dates and total years of experience must be provided.   
7. Tables and Boxes shall not be used on CV.   
8. Header and footer shall be used only for page numbering, and personal data shall not be in header footer.   
9. CV shall contain reasonable amount of key words related to profession.   
10. Soft Skills shall be shown related to the field, if applicable.   
11. Objectives (if shown), shall not be generic. Must be the actual and personal professional objectives.   
12. Show your Achievements below Job responsibilities or capabilities.   
13. Don’t show Passport or other personal document numbers, unless required.   
14. There shall be no Typing Mistake.
15. Font Sizes shall be appropriate, not too big or too small. Also don’t use much variety of sizes or font types (Also mind the scale)   
16. CV Shall not exceed more than 3 Pages.   
17. A reasonable White Space shall be available on CV. It shall not be too congested. Also reasonable margin shall be provided for filing.  
{Email and Cover Letter}   
18. "Email Address” must be Professional. Email addresses like, prince, rock, playboy, etc. are not acceptable.   
19. "Email Display Name” must be appropriate. Display names like Ch@nd**, prince, rock, playboy, etc. are not acceptable.   
20. CV Soft file name shall display your profession and Name. Generic names like, CV, new CV, or just name are not acceptable.   
21. Cover Letter shall be provided along with CV and shall be appropriate and not generic.   



You may submit your CV for Reveiw at below link






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UAE / Navafiz Standard CV format (PDF File).


UAE / Navafiz Standard CV format (Word File).


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